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STATE by Mind Map: STATE


1.1. An organization which holds special political power to govern, control, enforce and maintain social order within the specified scope of a territory

1.2. Political power

1.2.1. Power to issue law: Legislative power

1.2.2. Power to enforce law: Executive power

1.2.3. Power to interpret and judicate law: Judicial power


2.1. Performance of state powers

2.1.1. Legislative functions: - Make laws - Enact laws

2.1.2. Executive functions: - Administer laws - Carry out laws - Enforce laws

2.1.3. Judicial functions: - Interpret and apply laws in specific cases - Adjudicate - Settle disputes legally

2.2. Specific operation areas

2.2.1. Economic functions: Manage, control, develop the economy, cooperate in investment, transfer technologies

2.2.2. Social functions: Build, develop education, science, technology… Ensure protection of environment, security of society and labour

2.3. International relationship

2.3.1. Protect the country, the sovereignty, build relationships with others countries


3.1. Control over certain territory

3.2. Hold special political powers

3.3. Be sovereign

3.4. Impose tax

3.5. Enact law


4.1. National level

4.1.1. Monarchy Absolute monarch: state power in king/queen, king/queen can make law, enforce, judicate Limited monarchy : state power in people, real power is given to citizen

4.1.2. Republic Presidential republic: President elected by citizen through vote, citizens have right to choose president. Eg: US Parliamentary republic: Everything is decided by parliament Semi-presidential republic: mix of Presidential republic and Parliamentary republic

4.2. Local level

4.2.1. Unitary Federal

5. Vietnamese state is a parliamentary republic state

6. Vietnamese state = Vietnamese government → Central government