Anthropology Visual Study Guide

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Anthropology Visual Study Guide by Mind Map: Anthropology Visual Study Guide

1. Evolution

1.1. Charles Darwin

1.2. Variation in environment=Variation in physical traits

1.3. Similar species in different locations seem to have a common ancestor

1.4. Biological change from generation to generation

1.5. The role location plays on evolution was the most interesting topic to me. It's crazy how location even impacts one's body type

2. Genetics

2.1. DNA: The molecular basis of evolution and the blueprint for life

2.2. Genotype vs. Phenotype

2.3. Genotype is the genetic makeup of an individual while phenotype is the physical characteristics of an organism

2.4. Evolution is a genetic process

2.5. Genetics also show the similarities between humans and primates which is the most interesting to me

3. Human Variation

3.1. Race

3.2. Group of individuals that share a common ancestor

3.3. Skin complexion is geographically correlated: closer to the equator=darker skin, farther from equator=lighter skin

3.4. Skin color is also a result of UV Radiation

3.5. The Vitamin D hypothesis was the most interesting thing to me in this topic.