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Revolution by Mind Map: Revolution

1. Social

1.1. salutary neglect

1.2. Townshend act resistance creates unity among colonists. Women begin a cultural shift with homespun clothing.

1.3. The Boston Massacre and the reports of it, paint British soldiers as bloodthirsty brutes, creating sympathy for the colonists.

1.4. A Continental Congress is created as a response to the Intolerable Acts.

1.5. A Continental Army is created by the colonists, naming George Washington commander in chief.

2. Economic

2.1. Britain's national debt doubled post the Seven Year War.

2.2. Proclamation of 1763, the Currency Act, and the Sugar Act’s caused colonists to fear taxation and their liberties.

2.3. Townshend Act caused colonists to stop consuming British goods, these said goods were even published on newspapers.

2.4. Britain tries to force the colonies to consume tea to solve their surplus from India, colonists rebel by throwing it over sea or keeping it.

2.5. Britain gets aggressive with the Intolerable acts, this disrupted trade in the colonies.

3. Intellectual

3.1. Committees of Correspondence

3.2. John Locke's "Essay Concerning Human Understanding"

3.3. Declaration of Independence.

3.4. Benjamin Franklin and Treaty of Amity.

3.5. Washington's strategic warfare to counter European warfare.