Planning a Trip to Nashville, TN

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Planning a Trip to Nashville, TN by Mind Map: Planning a Trip to Nashville, TN

1. Transportation

1.1. Car

1.1.1. mileage, cost to fill up tank, duration (time), rest areas

1.2. Bus

1.2.1. one way, round trip; cost; duration (time)

1.3. Plane

1.3.1. one way flight or round trip; stops or no stops; ($) costly depending upon days and airline

2. Places to Stay

2.1. airbnb

2.1.1. how many people can it fit; price per night/ total amount to pay. (can be come costly

2.2. hotel/motel

2.2.1. price per night/total; anemities; location

2.3. friend/family's house

2.3.1. location; contributions to staying over

3. Food

3.1. Eating out, resturants/fast food

3.1.1. Hattie B's Hot Chicken

3.1.2. Jason Aldeens's Kitchen and Rooftop Bar

3.1.3. Bourbon Steak by Micheal Mina, a Nashville Steakhouse

3.2. Eating in, grocery shopping meal prepping/planning

4. Activities

4.1. Shopping

4.1.1. The Mall at Green Hills (general stores you'd find in a mall), Belle Meade/West Nashville (designer stores and jewelers), Boot Country (cowboys boots)

4.2. Tourist Rides around Nashville

4.2.1. The General Jackson Showboat, The Best of Nashville City Tour on a double decker bus, Honky Tonk Party Bus and Tour

4.3. Catch a Show at the Grand Ole Opry

4.3.1. See performers such as Sunny Sweeney, Tracy Lawrence

4.4. Visit Broadway

4.4.1. Local restuarants, stores, tourist spots

5. Hot Tourist Spots

5.1. Music Row

5.1.1. Heart of Nashvilles Country music festival; home to record offices, radio stations and recording studios

5.2. The Grand Ole Opry

5.2.1. Catch a live performance from country singers

5.3. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

5.4. Radnor Lake State Park

5.4.1. Ride a Bike, take lesisure walk with family and friends, picnic