What I learnt for LHTL

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What I learnt for LHTL by Mind Map: What I learnt for LHTL

1. Procrastination and Memory

1.1. procrastination

1.1.1. Four parts of habit belief reward Routine The cue

1.1.2. How to tackle with it? watch your procrastinaiton cues Eat the fog first make a plane commit with routine Delay reward until finnish tasks trust yourself Have backup plan

1.2. Memory

1.2.1. How to memorize better Build a palace memory Create meaningful groups

2. Study modes

2.1. Focus mode

2.2. Diffuse mode

2.3. How sleeping and excercise affect us

2.4. To learn effectively:

2.5. Podomoro

2.6. Eat the fog first

3. Chunking

3.1. Chunk look like a box to store our knowledge

3.2. How to build a chunk

3.2.1. Learn step by step for each chunk and group them to get a big chunk

3.3. Learning technique

3.3.1. Recall

3.3.2. avoid illustration of competence mini test mistakes is good minimize highlighting practice with diffcult things

3.3.3. interleaving

3.3.4. avoid overlearning