My Leadership

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My Leadership by Mind Map: My Leadership

1. Willing to make a decision/take action when others seem to be struggling to do so

2. Takes ownership/responsibility for final decisions after weighing as many factors as is practical

3. Wants team members to feel heard and engaged

4. Actively seeks input/opinions from teams

5. Seeks to include as many voices as possible

6. Democratic

7. Participatory

8. Be a genuine asset to my team

9. Prepare for advancement opportunites

10. Apply my education to my job responsibilities and expectations

11. Take ownership of leadership skills I possess

12. Verifies understanding of information

13. Good/Active listener

14. Good at hiding discomfort during presentations

15. Avoids conflict

16. Excellent writing skills

17. Uncomfortable in the "spotlight"

18. Calm in most situations

19. Dependable

20. Organized

21. Creative

22. Personality Traits

23. Communication Skills

24. Leadership Style

25. Career Goals