Barack Obama

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Barack Obama by Mind Map: Barack Obama

1. Presidency

1.1. He gave us free Healthcare in 2010.

1.2. He ended the Iraq War

1.3. Nuclear program agreement with Iran.

1.4. 11 million jobs were created while Barack was President .

1.5. He worked hard to get the economy moving like release stimulus plans and make a bigger federal goverment.

2. What was he must known for?

2.1. Being the first black President of the United States .

2.2. He was a U.S. Senate for three years.

2.3. He went to Harvard Law school and graduated from their in 1991.

2.4. Barack worked at the Developing Communities Project.

2.5. He graduated Columbia University in 1983.

3. Before he become President

3.1. He served as the U.S. Senate for three years.

3.2. He defeated Hilary Clinton in the election.

3.3. He then defeated a republican named John McCain.

3.4. He won the 2009 election.

3.5. He was popular for being a great speaker.