Rebuilding Tourism and Vulnerabilities

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Rebuilding Tourism and Vulnerabilities by Mind Map: Rebuilding Tourism and Vulnerabilities

1. 1.Global context and Current impact

1.1. Context

1.1.1. Virus Covid-19

1.1.2. Lack of Cash flow Supply chain Diversity of market

1.2. Impact

1.2.1. Industry

1.2.2. Tourism Agency Hotel

1.2.3. Transport Airline Cuise

2. 2.Sector Impact and Country vulnerabilities

2.1. Avilation

2.1.1. World wild passenger flight have fallen

2.1.2. Some airlines company collapse Affect Hotels Maintenance passenger employed

2.2. Accommodation and lodging

2.2.1. Hotel revenuse have collapsed

2.2.2. Hotel will collapse affect Employed Denit repayment Bank and money lender

2.3. Tour operator

2.3.1. Change booking policies

2.3.2. Small businesses in emerging markets

2.4. Cuise operator

2.4.1. Covid risk in the cuise sector

2.4.2. Cuise line announced a temporary suspension

2.4.3. Major drop in stock piece

2.5. Digital platform

2.5.1. loses commision

2.5.2. OTAS and SME withdraw

2.6. Global distribution systems

2.6.1. Reductions Salalies Benefit

3. 3.Country Impact and Valnerabilities

3.1. Tourism dependence

3.1.1. 40 percent of country relies on tourism

3.2. Tourism resilience

3.2.1. Indicator of tourism resilience 12 Policy enviroment fpr business 6 Health and hgience 8 ID readiness 6 Prioritization 1 International openness 6 Airtransport 1 tourist service

3.3. Tourism deman impact or recovery

3.3.1. Audition demand side resilience assessments Size of intra-regional markets size of value of domestic The nuber of covid cased