What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. My own definition of technology

1.1. Innovation vs. technology, I used to associate both as they seemed similar to me

1.2. Something you can see or hold in your hand, similar to the second definition of technology on the Webster dictionary

1.3. New inventions, latest trend in new objects that didn't existed before

2. How I view technology now

2.1. Concept of Applied Technology

2.2. Organized ways of doing things and scientific knowledge

2.3. The human aspect of technology

2.3.1. "Human’s use of technology involves not only machines (e.g., computer hardware) and instruments, but also includes structured relations with other humans, machines, and the environment. In short, technology is more than a collection of machines and devices. To go beyond simplistic intuitions about technology requires investigation of the human mind and socio-cultural environment as well as interactions with technological artifacts" (Isman, 2012, 208)

2.4. Physical and Knowledge component

2.4.1. Kumar, Kumar , & Persuad (1999) "technology has two primary components: 1) a physical component which comprises of items such as products, tooling, equipments, blueprints, techniques, and processes; and 2) the informational component which consists of know-how in management, marketing, production, quality control, reliability, skilled labor and functional areas."

2.5. "Technology is a creative force looking or the right job" Kevin Kelly

2.5.1. Kevin Kelly tells technology's epic story

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4. Conclusion

4.1. Technology itself from an static object point of view is fascinating in a day and age of new technologies and innovation

4.2. When you integrate the concepts learned in this segment and the new definition of technology, it opens the door to an entire new world of discussion and discovery

4.3. The acceleration of technologies and its impact on our lives are incredible and have to be managed as there are bad technologies that leads to negative outcomes and technologies that can actually make our lives better

5. An object that represents technology for me (Iphone)

5.1. Meet iPhone 12 — Apple

6. Things that I didn't considered as technology at the beginning of this reflexion

6.1. Daily life object

6.1.1. What is technology?

6.2. Processes to fabricate or invent the technology (innovation process)

6.2.1. MIT | The Invention Process

6.3. Music

6.3.1. The Weeknd - Take My Breath (Official Music Video)