Wind & Solar - Team 11

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Wind & Solar - Team 11 by Mind Map: Wind & Solar - Team 11

1. Internal Stakeholders

1.1. Administrative Access

1.1.1. Security Groups

1.1.2. Full System Access Except Admin Access Data Scientists Salary Personal Information Project Manger Salary Personal Information Project Sponsor Salary Personal Information Data Analyst Salary Personal Information Technology Lead Salary Personal Information

1.2. Corporate Stakeholders

1.2.1. Administrative Support

1.2.2. Client Support

1.3. Report Generation Access

1.3.1. Management

2. System Features

2.1. Energy Generation

2.1.1. WInd Energy Vertical Wind Terbines Bladeless Turbines

2.1.2. Solar Panels

2.2. Data Capture and Sharing

2.2.1. Hardward Platforms Wind Data Solar Data Energy Collection Statistics

2.2.2. IOT Data Capture Mobile Software Weather App Integration

2.3. Resourcing

2.3.1. Manufacturing Solar Panal Manufacturer Manufacturing Contract Service Contract Wind Turbine Manufacturer Manufacturing Contract Service Contract

2.3.2. Energy Company Contract Energy Grid Tie in Approval Renewable Energy Coordinator

2.3.3. Government Approval Public Works Permit Number Energy Management Office Permit Number Community Development Department Permit Number Traffic Control Permit Number

3. Digital Edge Technology

3.1. Robotics

3.1.1. Construction

3.1.2. Repair

3.1.3. Installation

3.1.4. Manufacture

3.2. Internet of Things

3.2.1. Personal Mobile Devices GPS Bluetooth

3.2.2. Vehicles GPS Bluetooth

3.2.3. Traffic Monitoring Systems GPS Roadway Sensors

3.3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

3.3.1. Pattern Tracking

3.3.2. Image Analysis & Object Detection

3.3.3. Recommendation Algorithms

3.3.4. Chat Bot

4. Data Structure/Model

4.1. System Types

4.1.1. Wind Turbines Bladeless Wind Turbines Wind Direction Wind Speed Wind Density Weather Conditions Turbine Number Air Inlet Degree Vertical Wind Turbines Wind Direction Wind Speed Wind Density Weather Conditions Turbine Number Blade Degree

4.1.2. Solar Panels Sun Radiance Heat Refraction Degree Sensor Number Sensor Location Weather Data

4.2. Storage Plan

4.2.1. Cloud DataBase No SQL Uploading Real Time Data Downloading Reports

4.2.2. Backup Storage Historical Reports Historical Weather Data

5. Security Features

5.1. Data

5.1.1. Cloud End to End Data Encryption HTTPS

5.1.2. On Premise Firewall VPN

5.2. Data Access

5.2.1. Security Roles User Access Group Windows AD

5.3. User Login

5.3.1. Desktop Windows AD Single Sign-On With 2FA

5.3.2. Apps RSA Tokens Email Address and Password

5.4. Report Generation

5.4.1. Through App Email Address and Password RSA Token

5.4.2. Through Desktop Windows AD/ Login Single Sign On with 2FA

5.5. Device Security

5.5.1. Desktop AntiVirus App Security Patches Complied Software Version No Admin Access

5.5.2. Mobile Work Profile Non Rooted Devices Location Access

5.6. Financial

5.6.1. Blockchain Options Bitcoin

6. User Interface

6.1. Workstation/Computer

6.1.1. Browser Access Reports Access Reports

6.1.2. Software Windows System Data Device Control Mac Access Reports Device Control Android Access Report

6.2. Mobile

6.2.1. iOS Devices Chat Bot Metrics Snapshots

6.2.2. Android Devices Chat Bot Metrics Snapshots

7. Reporting

7.1. Internal Stakeholders

7.1.1. Full System Access Except Admin Access Usage Reports Servicing Reports Energy Production Reports System Logs Custom Reports Billing Report System Failure Reports Maintenance Reports Sensor Health Weather Data

7.1.2. Admin Access Security Reports User logs System Audits

7.2. External Stakeholders

7.2.1. Consolidated Energy Production Reports

7.2.2. Custom Reports

7.2.3. Feedback Forms Completed Feedback Forms

8. System Roles

8.1. External Stakeholders

8.1.1. Report Generation Access Energy Company Representative Government

8.1.2. No System Access Technician Ground Staff

9. Infrastructure Environment

9.1. Wind Turbines

9.1.1. Cloud Infrastructure AWS Amazon Kinesis Data Streams AWS Lambda Apache Spark

9.2. Solar Panels

9.2.1. Solar Sensor Refraction Degree Cloud Infrastructure

9.2.2. Heat Temperature On Premise