Learning Management System

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Learning Management System by Mind Map: Learning Management System

1. Definition

1.1. It is a software program that help to create, manage, and deliver e-Learning courses

1.1.1. Learning deliver education course

1.1.2. Management organize the course

1.1.3. System computer system

2. The user

2.1. Small to large businesses

2.2. Local and national government agencies

2.3. Non government organizations

2.4. Education institutions

2.5. Online and e Learning based education institutions

3. Advantages

3.1. Provides multiple tools

3.2. Organizes and safely stores big data

3.3. Provides easier monitoring of learner performance and progress

3.4. Personalizes the online learning experience

3.5. Accessible

4. Features

4.1. E learning standard compliance

4.2. Multichannel access

4.3. Course management creation or importing

4.4. Document management

4.5. Course calendars

4.6. Social features

4.7. Tracking and reporting or analytics

4.8. Intuitive user interface

4.9. Support services

5. Function

5.1. Can gather all the learning materials in one place

5.2. Make the materials available to all the learners in one click

5.3. Can create different groups of learners according to their function

5.4. Give automated and quick access to grades and record

5.5. Create e-Learning lessons

5.6. Enroll students to said courses

5.7. Deliver the contents

5.8. Monitor and assess students' performance

6. Disadvantages

6.1. Diminished social interaction

6.2. Not suitable for every topic

6.3. Lack of practice-based learning

6.3.1. Requires self-discipline and time management skills

6.4. Reliance on technology