Second Language

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Second Language by Mind Map: Second Language

1. Talk to Foreigners

1.1. Make friends with Foreigners

1.1.1. Learn cultures from them

1.1.2. Learn how they think Can think more precisely and broadly

1.2. Improve speaking, writing, listening

2. Travel to other Countries

2.1. Broaden horizon

2.2. Learn new cultures

2.3. Try different foods

2.4. Try different services

2.4.1. Should give tips in US

2.4.2. better services in hotels

2.4.3. Better conditions and services in restaruants

3. More job advantages

3.1. FInd a job in other countries

3.1.1. I can work in other countries because I can speak the language

3.2. Better find job in your own country

3.2.1. Some jobs may need people to speak a second language

3.3. More useful doing a job

3.3.1. Sometimes first language cannot be used to solve a question, but second language can

4. A broad veiw or perspectives.

4.1. Learn different Culture

4.2. Know what foreigners thinks

4.3. learning different thinking ways from others

5. Artistic Understanding

5.1. Learn different cultures

5.2. Different charm of different languages

5.2.1. French songs are beautiful

5.2.2. French numbers and grammar are crazy

5.2.3. Chinese has same pronouciation, but with more than 5 meanings

5.3. The root of the second language

6. Gain More knowledge

6.1. Learn more about languages

6.2. Learn the root of language

6.2.1. what is something about my first language

6.2.2. What is something about my second language

6.3. Improve our minds