Fundamental Equipment of the Learner

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Fundamental Equipment of the Learner by Mind Map: Fundamental Equipment of the Learner

1. Cognitive Faculties

1.1. Five Senses

1.1.1. Through the learner’s senses, he/she can see, hear, feel, taste and smell whatever is to be learned.

1.2. Instinct

1.2.1. By his/her instinct, the learner has a natural capacity or tendency to respond to environmental stimuli, such as danger signs for survival or self-preservation.

1.3. Imagination

1.3.1. By the power of imagination, the learner is able to form representations of material objects which are not actually present to the senses.

1.4. Memory

1.4.1. By his/her power to memory, he can retain, recall and recognize past mental acts.

1.5. Intellect

1.5.1. By the learner’s intellect, he can: - form concepts or ideas (concept formation) - make judgements, and reason out (the use of syllogism)

2. Appetitive Faculties

2.1. Feelings and Emotions

2.1.1. Emotions are the on-off switch for learning.

2.2. Rational Will

2.2.1. By his/her will, the learner is free to choose or not to choose to do the good as presented by his/her intellect.