Differences between interpretation and translation (1)

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Differences between interpretation and translation (1) by Mind Map: Differences between interpretation and translation (1)

1. Items that only interpretators use more often

1.1. Tiny Headphones

1.1.1. Sometimes they need an actor to make more easier the interpretation A notebook also a pen

2. Translation is when someone are passing one language to another while is writing, an example can be when you try to subtitle a YouTube video or, easy the person who do the subtitles on Netflix

3. Interpretation is a mental activity, when you say something in your own language and the other person try to translate your language to another doing an speach as well talking or spoken.

4. Differences

5. Interpretation need to be fast you must have the interpretation in the moment and for translation you can take your time

5.1. Items that only translators use more often

5.1.1. Dictionary Computer A Brain

6. The interpretation is spoken while translation is writing.

6.1. Interpretation is between two persons and translation is by a only one person.