Just a regular policeman

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Just a regular policeman by Mind Map: Just a regular policeman

1. Part one: 1. Standing outside a shop

1.1. 2. Admiring his new uniform

1.2. 3. Suddenly come a taxi driver

1.3. 4. Took him in taxi and expained

1.4. 5. Car crush down the road

1.5. 6. Has been hit by a stolen car driver

1.6. 7. Incidents place saw he a terrible scene

1.7. 8. Two girls was knocked to the shop throught the window

1.8. 9. When the third unfortunately died even after kiss of life from policeman

2. Part two:

2.1. 1. The medics come and took over his attempt at the first aid

2.2. 2. When Steve was on his way to station he noticed the blood on uniform

2.3. 3. But he didnt concentrated at it in a long time, bcs of it comes a husband for a woman, who was on the way to give birth to a baby.

2.4. 4. So Steve had to deliver baby, even if he wasn´t expert of it and never has done it before.

3. Part three:

3.1. 1. It wasn`t the end of policemens day

3.2. 2. The other from police said to take a statement from a girl who was a member in the smash up.

3.3. 3. But as it sais in the end of text - nobody of all "members" in that story didnt knew, that this day was Stewes first day as a policeman.

4. End part:

4.1. That day was a beggining for Stewe Williams jouney to being one of the top brittish policemans.