Adolfo M. What is the most common shoe size

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Adolfo M. What is the most common shoe size by Mind Map: Adolfo M.   What is the most common shoe size

1. 4. Analysis and interpretation

2. 1. Identify research

2.1. empathize

2.2. inquire

2.2.1. well the most common shoe size? I want to see the percentage of the students understanding. The topic i want to investigate is the students opinions and how many are right.

2.3. contextualize

2.3.1. It's related by seeing how close they are. I want to see their percentage. i wanna see how many are correct

2.4. Define

2.4.1. Contextualize how do they get this? I did this to get attention of the people who enjoy shoes. This could be useful to buy someone they know shoes that may match.

2.4.2. Hypothesize What is the most common shoe size? Well for teens it should be 8-10 and for adults 9-12. Well teens feets still grow till like 17-19 Years old so it should be less then 12 feet and Adults like 12 and below because it would now be that big.

3. 2. Planning

3.1. Identify research variables

3.1.1. Independent well i think that if some people have them in a sale from large to smallest we can figure out what to put.

3.1.2. Dependent Like i said we need to know the percentage of the foot size then put in a scale to find out the distance.

3.1.3. controls. The scale will always stay the same put the amount of people will change because to little people will be small. i will check if there are at least 20 people and they will have to be 10 girls and 10 boys but it will need foot size.

3.1.4. Groups Shoe size? Well we need to check if they are the same age and maybe a certain height.

3.1.5. Developing/conceptualizing the investigation. Finding the age. Then i will put it on a scale I will find a group and ask for their shoe size And i will place it down on a board

3.2. prototype

3.2.1. Designing Finding shoe size? I am checking scale height age and speed.

3.2.2. Conceptualize Null positive negative

4. 3. Experiment