Know what engineers do

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Know what engineers do by Mind Map: Know what engineers do

1. Industrial engineers

1.1. Where they work?

1.1.1. Almost anywhere, for example industrial plants, factories or organizations.

1.2. What they do?

1.2.1. Managment for improve the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and probitabily.

2. Electric engineers

2.1. Where they work?

2.1.1. In each place where it is needed to generate and use electric power and electric signals.

2.2. What they do?

2.2.1. Development, designing, application and manufacture. It is divided in three branches: Electric power, communication electronic systems and computer hardware.

3. Software engineers

3.1. Where they work?

3.1.1. In companies, both on the site where is placed the network infrastructure and in the office with a computer.

3.2. What they do?

3.2.1. Coordinating the construction and maintenance of networks. Developing of algorithms and aanalice and solve programming problems.

4. Chemical engineers

4.1. Where they work?

4.1.1. In labs and industries.

4.2. What they do?

4.2.1. They applicate the chemistry to the process of converting either raw materials or chemicla substances into more useful or valuable forms

5. Mechanical engineers

5.1. Where they work?

5.1.1. In all kind of places, often closer to electrical, civil, industrial, system, airspace and nuclear engineers.

5.2. What they do?

5.2.1. Researching, developing, designing, manufacturing and testing of all sort of tools, machines, engines and other mechanical devices.

6. Enviromental engineers

6.1. Where they work?

6.1.1. In the place of the project doing field work and in the computher in an office.

6.2. What they do?

6.2.1. Leading, designing, implementing and operating projects for control and mitigation of the enviromental pollution caused by human activities.

7. Petroleum engineers

7.1. Where they work?

7.1.1. In oil wells

7.2. What they do?

7.2.1. Designing, planning and controlling the drilling. Characterization and development of well activities.

8. Food engineers

8.1. Where they work?

8.1.1. In factories of the food industry sector

8.2. What they do?

8.2.1. Conceiving, designing, implementing, operating, controlling and verifing systems, processes and products that meet the quality and safety requirements.