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streaming by Mind Map: streaming

1. reasons to stream

1.1. it's free to watch

1.2. not limited by location

1.3. people who can't make it to the event can watch from home

1.3.1. gaming tournaments

1.3.2. concerts

1.3.3. press conferences

1.3.4. panels at conventions

1.3.5. counter in a restaurant before the food goes out

1.3.6. sporting events college high school professional

1.3.7. classes, seminars, lectures

1.3.8. fashion shows

1.3.9. keynotes i.e. steve jobs and apple

1.3.10. comedy clubs

1.3.11. weddings

1.4. revenue streams

1.4.1. front end advertising pre-rolls mid-rolls sponsor/advertiser logo placement 1-time PPV Twitch Own3d Private stream behind paywall Subscriptions

1.4.2. back end advertising on VODs sent to YouTube selling downloads of the event on a web store

1.5. build a mailing list

1.5.1. promote future events

1.5.2. sell a product to them

1.5.3. offer them freebies

2. case studies

2.1. gaming tournament

2.2. concert

2.3. charity event

2.4. panel or seminar

2.5. porno