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Act Like A Man or A Woman by Mind Map: Act Like                                 A Man or A Woman

1. Darius: women always want to be understood

2. Bianca: A lot of husbands don't do their household task

3. Dhanes: a woman shoud be beautiful

3.1. Misyelle: a woman should be takes care her self.

4. mario: a woman should be good at cooking

5. +

5.1. Azda : A man should be gentle.

5.2. Kartika : a man should be loyal.

5.3. Anas : a man should be brave

5.4. Misyelle: a man should be have charisma

6. Language Focus : Using Adverb of Quantifier

6.1. A lot of husbands

6.1.1. Anrista: a lot of husband not allowed their wive to get job

6.2. Most men

6.2.1. Novita: Most men still flirt when they already have a girlfriend

6.2.2. Bima : Most men lead lives of quiet depression

6.3. Most women

6.3.1. Ghiska: most women always feel insecure about their looks

6.3.2. Ronaldo : Most women easy to cry

6.4. Few boys

6.4.1. Azda : few boys loves his girl more than she loves him.

6.4.2. zahwa : few boys just talk without act

6.5. Few girls

6.5.1. Joshua : Few Girls idolize too much

6.6. Many men

6.7. None of women

6.8. None of men

6.8.1. Bernadeth : none of men doesn't like a beautiful woman Misyelle: none of men doesn't like a smart women

6.9. A lot of wives

7. Language focus : Using Adverb of Frequency

7.1. Never

7.1.1. mario: real men never hurt women

7.2. Seldom

7.3. Rarely

7.3.1. Mila : Men rarely aware of feminism

7.3.2. Hardly ever

7.4. Usually

7.5. Sometimes

7.5.1. rafli: sometimes few girls are curious about other people do

7.5.2. Nadya :

7.5.3. Bernadeth : sometimes a man once in a while needs to give a woman food when her sad

7.5.4. zahwa :

7.5.5. Misyelle: woman sometimes feel that they are right.

7.6. Now and again

7.7. Often

7.8. Always

7.8.1. glendy:women always accuse, because of their own assumptions

8. Act like a woman

8.1. A woman should be talkactive