French Revolution

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French Revolution by Mind Map: French Revolution

1. Louis XVI

1.1. Married To Marie Antoinette

1.2. Was 20 years Old when crowned king

1.3. On this accession , He found an empty treasury

1.3.1. 1.

1.3.2. Because of this he had to increase taxes Tithes : Tax levied by church 1/10 of produce ( only for peasants ) Taille - Tax to paid directly to state

1.3.3. Livres - Currency in France before 1794

2. Old Regime

2.1. Consisted of three estates

2.1.1. First Estate : Clergy Second Estate : Nobles Third Estate : Peasants, Merchants, Traders etc.

2.2. Was used until 1789 (Storming of Bastille)

3. The Estates General meeting

3.1. Meeting for approval to impose new taxes

3.1.1. Each Estate had one vote Since the Third estate was more aware they refused to accept the old regime and they demanded equal votes and when their request was not agreed on, they left the court in protest The first and second estates had 300 representatives each and 600 representatives from the Third estate and 40,000 letters from women and poor members of the Third Estate.

3.2. National Assembly

3.2.1. Angered By the king's rejection, The representatives of the third estate went to a tennis court in Versailles and started making a constitution on 20 June Mirabeau and Abbe Sieyes led this When National assembly was busy in Versailles, There was turmoil in Paris: Subsistence crisis. Bakers were hoarding goods; angry women started storming their shops Troops were sent to Paris because of this : Storming of Bastille 4 August, The constitution was published

3.2.2. After the chateaux incident

4. Storming of Bastille

4.1. People's Militia

4.1.1. People were alarmed because rumours said troops would open fire

4.1.2. Broke into government Buildings in search of arms

4.2. Bastille

4.2.1. Fortress-prison Consisted Of seven prisoners ( released ) Commander was killed

4.2.2. Was stormed on 14 July 1789