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Vowels by Mind Map: Vowels

1. The oral and nasal cavity

1.1. Oral

1.2. Nasal Cavity


2.1. Height of the tongue position

2.1.1. High Vowel

2.1.2. Middle Vowel

2.1.3. Low Vowel

2.2. Frontness of the tongue position

2.2.1. Front Vowel

2.2.2. Back Vowel

2.3. Lip Rounding

2.3.1. Rounded

2.3.2. Unrounded

3. The productions of vowels

3.1. Vowels are produced while the air can escapes freely without any obstruction Because a main mechanism of vowel production is vibrating vocal folds, vowels are voiced.

4. Factors of production of vowels

4.1. The shape of the oral cavity

4.2. The shape of the vocal tract

4.3. The movement of the tongue

4.4. The position of the lip or lip rounding

4.5. The oral cavity, or both the oral and nasal cavities.

5. Other Schemes of Vowels Classification

5.1. Tense & Lax vowels

5.1.1. Schwa

5.2. Diphthongs & Monophthongs

6. Syllable and Syllabic Sound

6.1. Syllabic-l

6.2. Syllabic-r

6.3. Syllabic-m

6.4. Syllabic-n