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Precision Solar by Mind Map: Precision Solar

1. 15/326 Hay St Perth, WA 6000 Australia 1300 206 305 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Our sunburnt country is the premium place for solar power and its benefits speak for themselves. By installing solar, you’re not only reducing your carbon footprint, but also doing your bit to increase renewable energy generation when you export energy from the panels to the grid. As the most accessible source of renewable energy, solar power allows customers to step away from relying on their power supplier and move towards being in control of their own power. With no-deposit, no-interest payment options available, Precision Solar & Battery systems pay for themselves within 3-5 years and can heavily reduce your power bills. Our aim is for your home to be fully self-sufficient when it comes to power consumption, by reducing bills by up to 80%-100%. Our range of solar and battery solutions means we can provide tailored systems for your needs by taking the time to understand your motivations behind moving off the grid. Not only does solar reduce your carbon footprint, there’s investment opportunities, giving your property more appeal and add market value to your home. Move off the grid, spend less, and be in control of your own electricity. All while doing your part for the planet by moving away from fossil fuels.