GP Cabinet Refresh 11277

Primary Care Comms Cabinet refresh programme

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GP Cabinet Refresh 11277 by Mind Map: GP Cabinet Refresh 11277

1. PID / Cost Model

1.1. Original 62 site scope

1.1.1. Revised Major/Moderate/Minor categories

1.1.2. Include /exclude UPS costs ? Bronze / Silver / Gold Confirm & document criteria for B/S/G decision for sites

1.2. Additional 42 sites

1.2.1. Those that need a cabinet after all because of switch / UPS

1.2.2. Switches only

1.2.3. UPS only Criteria / basis for a UPS install or upgrade

1.2.4. Switches and UPS, cabinet ok as is

1.3. Fibre30 / Better connectivity

1.3.1. Which sites in this scope ? 40?

2. Priority sites - Culverhay

3. Implementation

3.1. Transition to BAU after each site, rather than en masse or in tranches

3.2. Considerations for maintaining cabinet standards post remedial work

3.3. Any sites that we can do straight away

3.3.1. Minimal refresh work required

4. Revised ROM

4.1. 1. Append/identify the additional items in scope into the PID with some context around the CCG’s request for change to the scope

4.2. 2. Add/identify the additional scope costs into the ROM as a separate line(s) so they can easily be removed if required

4.3. Send to CCG to obtain initial acceptance, before finalising the detail

4.3.1. CCG to accept in principle

4.3.2. Fiona confirmed ROM ok 18/10/2021

4.4. Add cost of additional audits (x11) - Talkwire + Sam + PM

4.4.1. Audits to be done after the acceptance in principle

4.5. Add contingency 15 - 20%

4.6. Add decision from MH to present straight to CCG, then update Sean & Rebecca subsequently depending what the CCG agree to.

5. justification/assumptions

5.1. UPS costs based on UPSystems quotes

5.1.1. Talkwire also preparing costs for B/S/G

5.2. 11 additional sites - combination of needing switches, UPS's, Better Connectivity NHSD programme

5.2.1. Will need auditing following agreement to new PID/ROM from CCG.

6. General Considerations

6.1. How many sites can be done this year - 20?

6.1.1. 1 per week + few "quick tidies"

6.1.2. Assuming: Nov -4, Dec -3, Jan -3, Feb -4, March -4

6.1.3. Total cost per site (c£15K), number of ste c 20

6.2. Costs

6.2.1. Factor in the average PM cost for Talkwire (never included originally)

6.2.2. £19K Talkwire PM quote across xxx sites