professional development

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professional development by Mind Map: professional development

1. -TRAINING Learning Practice Preparation Always Ready Education

2. -MOTIVATION Fearless Active Confidence Exceed expectation

3. -BRAVE Confident Unfearful Venturesome Lion hearted Courageous

4. -MINDFUL Aware of something Observative Watchful Knowing Respectful Know ins and outs

5. -WORK Labor Effort Exertion Jobs Duties

6. -SKILLS Expertise Finesse Talent Ability Versality

7. -MANAGEMENT Leadership Ruling Guidance Organization Care

8. -GOAL aim ambition desire intention hope

9. -COACHING Mentoring Teaching Assistance Leading Advice

10. -CAREER Growth Progress Success Innovating Efficient Favorable

11. -RESOURCEFUL Smart Creative Clever Open mind Quick Thinking

12. LEARNINGS Smart Studying Listening Brainstorming

13. MANAGEMENT Discipline Hardwork Uniqueness Originality

14. COMPETENCE Strategy Thinking Goal Passionate

15. -STRATEGY Program Policy Scheme Schedule Tactics

16. -SELF AWARENESS Confidence Health Demoralized

17. -GAIN Relief Experience Winning

18. -Creativity Ideas Skills Imaginations Artistic Gifted