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Caption by Mind Map: Caption

1. Definition

1.1. Caption is brief description, heading, or title that identify or introduce a document, graphic, photograph, or table. It is consist of additional information which available in the pictures/photos. Usually it’s located below the picture itself.

2. General Structure

2.1. 1. Title

2.2. 2. Lead

2.3. 3. Section Heading

3. Language Features

3.1. Exclamation

3.1.1. at the end ussually used an exclamtion "i" using form "what" and "how"

3.2. Question

3.3. Adjective Phrase

3.4. Present Tense

3.4.1. The use of the present tense in the caption make more informative, especially when most of the photos are news events that are happening right now. Pattern: Subject + V1 (s/es) + Object

3.5. Prepositional Phrase

3.5.1. Usually used for place and time, for the exaple: She is in the waiting room

4. Social Function

4.1. To tell the viewers or readers about what's happening in the picture, video, table and graph.

5. Kinds Of Caption

5.1. Identification Bar

5.2. Cutline

5.3. Summary (5)

5.4. Expanded (5W+1H)

5.5. Quote

5.6. Group Identification

5.7. Story telling caption

6. Tips

6.1. Using simple present tense

6.2. Thera are 5W+1H

6.3. written in complete sentence

7. Example Test

7.1. A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers