Digestive System Disorders

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Digestive System Disorders by Mind Map: Digestive System Disorders

1. Ulcers

1.1. too much acid produced by the stomach most are chronic.

1.1.1. s/sx: nauseous, too full after eating, stomach pain. treatment: medication or surgery

2. Hepatitis

2.1. causes: viral infection, chemicals, durgs, or drinking alcohol.

2.1.1. mild hepatits: no lasting effects. chronic hepatitis: leads to liver failure.

3. Cancer

3.1. loss of appetite, pain, indigestion, vomitting, constipation, change in BM, or blood in stool.

3.1.1. treatment: surgery, radition, chemotherapy, or combination.

4. Gallbladder disease

4.1. Gallstones: there is a blockage from the gallbladder to duodenum

4.1.1. inflamed and infection s/sx: severe pain, indigestion, especially after eating fatty foods. treatment: medication, surgery, or laser.