Crimes categories

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Crimes categories by Mind Map: Crimes categories

1. Public order crimes involve acts that violate social norms and moral standards

1.1. against law

1.1.1. Crimes against law and order disturbing peace public intoxication drunk driving reckless driving selling alcohol to minors drug dealing smuggling

1.2. against order

1.3. against morality

1.3.1. pornography

1.3.2. gambling

1.3.3. drug use

2. crimes against person

2.1. Crimes against persons or violent crimes are offenses which involve force or threat of intentional harm

2.1.1. The police will record a crime as violent if the offender intended to harm a person The infliction of harm weapons poison bodily contact

3. crimes against property

3.1. Crimes against property are not directed as an individual, there is no force or threat of force against the victims

3.1.1. crimes in which property is destroyed include burglary theft pickpocketing shoplifting motor vehicle theft embezzlement vandalism and so on

3.1.2. crimes in which property is stolen or taken against the owner's will.

4. crimes against society (public order)

4.1. some other forms

4.1.1. white-collar crimes fraud bribery

4.1.2. trafficking

4.1.3. smuggling

4.1.4. terrorism

4.1.5. environmental crimes

4.1.6. cyber-crimes