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My community by Mind Map: My community

1. Environmental housing

1.1. Host a neighborhood clean-up party (Phương)

1.2. Start a local garden (Homegrowth vegetables), plant a street tree. (Phương)

1.3. Recycle products gallery (Minh)

2. Safety

2.1. install more surveilliance camera (Chị Phúc)

2.2. Walking area (chị Phúc))

2.3. Speed restricted area (Minh)

3. Creating online library (Khanh + Vy)

3.1. Look up for documents, books

3.2. To do researches

3.3. Open 24/7

4. Health assistant

4.1. Sport club (for Physical health) Minh

4.2. Mental health (Minh)

4.3. Social media (Vy)