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GROW(crecer) by Mind Map: GROW(crecer)

1. Phrasal verbs with "grow"

1.1. grow apart

1.1.1. become distant We were good friends at school but grew apart at college.

1.2. grow back

1.2.1. grow again I cut my chive plant a few days ago and it has already grown back.

1.3. grow into

1.3.1. mature/change or get bigger in order to fit something The ugly duckling grew into a beautiful white swan

1.4. grow on

1.4.1. start to like something you didn’t like before I didn't like Coldplay at first, but they have grown on me.

1.5. grow out of

1.5.1. become too big for clothes or lose interest as you get older My son has grown out of computer games. He prefers girls now.

1.6. grow up

1.6.1. mature or become an adult My brother is so immature, he’ll never get a girlfriend until he grows up.

1.7. grow up on

1.7.1. something you did a lot when you were a child We live on a farm, so we’ve grown up on fresh vegetables.

2. Meaning

2.1. The word "grow " can mean many different things. As a verb, the meaning is to grow in size and develop.

3. Example

3.1. My rose plant is growing. (to increase in size). I have grown as a person since I started traveling. (develop).