Fluffy's Dog House

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Fluffy's Dog House by Mind Map: Fluffy's Dog House

1. Deliverables

1.1. Wooden home that can work outdoors and indoors (versatile)

1.2. Comfortable home for the dog with a cozy dog bed

1.3. Personalized home with hand painted details that feels special to Alice

2. Materials needed

2.1. To start it

2.1.1. Measurements of the dog

2.1.2. Measurements of the space the dog house will go in

2.1.3. Alice's design requests

2.1.4. Wood

2.1.5. Paint

2.1.6. Handyman

2.1.7. Nails

2.2. To finish it

2.2.1. Paint

2.2.2. Paintbrushes

2.2.3. Design stencils

2.2.4. Dog bed

2.2.5. A light for the exterior (motion sensor)

3. Tasks to be completed

3.1. Obtain measurements of the dog and the space the house will go in (from Alice)

3.2. Sketch a design of the dog house

3.3. Get approval from Alice of the initial sketch

3.4. Get approval from Alice on intended color scheme and wood materials being used

3.5. Hire a handyman to build the exterior of the house

3.6. Go to the store to get wood and paint

3.7. Have handyman build the structure of the house

3.8. Paint the house

3.9. Add specialized designs to the house

3.10. Buy a dog bed from Home Goods

3.11. Add a light to the exterior

3.12. Show Alice the finished product