Fluffy's Dog House

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Fluffy's Dog House by Mind Map: Fluffy's Dog House

1. Tasks

1.1. Determine the measurements and design of the dog house.

1.2. Sketch the dog house.

1.3. Figure out what supplies and materials you'll need.

1.4. Order and/or go out and get those supplies.

1.5. Pick a good spot in the yard.

1.6. Prepare the ground for the dog house.

1.7. Begin constructing the dog house (cutting the wood, etc.)

1.8. Paint the dog house.

1.9. Finally, introduce Fluffy to his dog house.

2. Deliverables

2.1. Design drawings or plans of the doghouse.

2.2. Develop a budget.

2.3. Develop a timeframe for each task and when Fluffy's doghouse should be completed.

2.4. List of materials and tools needed.

2.5. Finished product within budget and timeframe.

3. Materials

3.1. Saw

3.2. Hammer

3.3. Electric drill

3.4. Paintbrush

3.5. Roofing tacks

3.6. Screws and nails

3.7. Waterproof 2x4 wood

3.8. Waterproof plywood

3.9. 3-tab roofing tiles

3.10. Tar paper for underneath the roofing tiles

3.11. Exterior paint

3.12. Insulation