Sydnee and her Family

NRSU 111

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Sydnee and her Family by Mind Map: Sydnee and her Family

1. Income Distribution

1.1. Struggling to make ends meet

1.2. Could work with her to find a budget plan that works with her needs

2. Education/literacy

2.1. Could try and find some opportunities for her to work/farm, or encourage studies regarding farming

2.1.1. Could research any coverage by her band, and if she is even connected to her band.

2.2. Dropped out in grade ten

3. Social Exclusion

3.1. Not close with family, adopted or biological

3.1.1. Could find resources and online (if she has internet) workshops for her to nurture the relationships she does have in her life (her boyfriend) Could try and reach out to her band and community, suggest her having a potluck to meet new peoplle - but still be cost efficient Try to connect her with other mothers in her age group Inquire to confirm if her relationship with him is actually safe and healthy

3.2. boyfriend isn't close with family either

4. Employment/working conditions

4.1. Boyfriend works away, less support for her

4.2. Boyfriend provides the income but struggles to meet

4.3. Long haul driving is bad on health, proper nutrition

4.4. unsafe conditions regarding work

4.5. Could look into education opportunities for her boyfriend, advancements in career - maybe a dispatch or office option to be closer to home.

5. Disability

5.1. Although, not a disability, she is pregnant (28) weeks.

5.1.1. Can check with thrift stores and into programs that welcome new children and provide supplies Education on cloth diapering

6. Gender Inequality

7. Housing

7.1. Unsafe living conditions

7.1.1. not enough room for a family

8. Health care services/access

8.1. Diabetic diagnosis,

8.1.1. Provide resources based on her ideal way to learn, visual, reading, etc on how to manage diabetes and awareness of symptoms that could be harmful

8.2. Prescribed medication

8.2.1. go over correct dosage with her, and find a way to fit this into budget if possible, check into low income coverage/benefits through husbands work

8.3. referred to diabetic education

8.4. Could suggest the best foods from her garden to keep her gestational diabetes at bay

8.5. Offer extra immunizations to support her baby and herself

8.6. provide education on safe options for her pregnancy, as well as support services to maintain a healthy pregnancy and delivery

8.6.1. Many doulas work on a sliding scale as well as offer free services for pregnancy and postpartum care, could suggest some options.

9. Food Insecurities

9.1. Difficult to meet nutrition or may not have proper education based around it

9.2. Grows her own food however! Which builds her confidence

9.2.1. Could offer her suggestions on the most nutritious plants and vegetables to grow, and more filling foods like potatos Breastfeeding support if child is kept through lactation consultants that come to your home

9.3. could help her locate food banks that deliver so it is simpler

10. Race/gender

10.1. Aboriginal status

10.1.1. Good to connect with other people in her community to enrich her knowledge on the culture, to build a sense of belonging which could be a cause of childhood development struggles

10.2. Young woman

11. Early Childhood Development

11.1. Early Pregnancy

11.1.1. Abortion/mental health

11.2. lack of family support, could have thoughts of abandonment/survival mode

12. Unemployment/Job Security

12.1. Not employed, stay at home mother

12.1.1. She does grow food and sell to make small amounts of money.

13. Societal Safety Network

13.1. Could research social programs that are offered to indigenous women, and young adults especially.

13.1.1. Could include help from a social worker

13.2. Could research to find out if there are grants or incentives in education for aboriginal communities,