Unit 1 Connected by technology

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Unit 1 Connected by technology by Mind Map: Unit 1 Connected by technology

1. Acronyms

1.1. WU? =What's up? LOL=laughing out loud B4N=bye for now F2F=face to face DYWT=do you want to

2. Vocabulary

2.1. Real talk

2.1.1. -How on earth? =how is't possiple -Hold on=wait a moment -Hang out=spend time together informailly -Get it=understand -Got the Hang of it= started to understand

3. Grammars

3.1. Auxiliray verbs

3.1.1. Do: with am-they-are Q:Do you read the book? A:yes, l do Dose: with she-he-it She dosn't read the book Have:with am-they Example:You have cleaned your room Q:Have he cleaned room? A:yes, he have Has: with she-he-it Be:is-am-are-have-has-had-was.. Example:she is going to shopping The pizza is cooked by maya

3.1.2. Comparative and superlative *To make comparative(between 2)use adj+v-er or more/less Example: -Maha is taller than Muna. -Al madinah is more beautiful than Abha. *To make superlative(between more than 2)use the+adj+v-est or the most/least Example: -Maram the fastest girl in class -Abha the most coldest city in Sudia Arabia *some adjective have irregular Good-better-the best Bad-worse-the worst

4. Functions

4.1. -Ask for clarification and confirm -Discuss using technology for communication -Talk about personality characteristics

5. Asma Abubakar Mohammed Musa 201