Discovery Education

Discovery Education MindMap

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Discovery Education by Mind Map: Discovery Education

1. Curriculum

1.1. Science

1.1.1. Lesson Plan units have real-world storylines

1.1.2. Research backed Science Techbook allow students to led virtual investigations 3D Instruction includes lesson plans differentiation progress monitoring professional growth available for all grades K - 12 Elementary Middle School High School

1.2. Social Studies

1.2.1. Social Studies Techbook offers standard-aligned, core-curricular resources inquiry-based literacy skills Engage Explore Explain Extend Immersive History interviews with primary sources

1.2.2. Builds culturally responsive classrooms

1.3. Math

1.3.1. Math Techbook aligned with standards independently verified supports middle school and high school curriculums

1.3.2. Shows how math lessons apply to the real world

1.4. STEM

1.4.1. available for K - 8 grade levels

1.4.2. built around 4C framework and UN Sustainable Development Goals 4C Communication Collaboration Creativity Critical thinking

1.4.3. aligns with other core content areas

1.4.4. Embedded resources for educators

1.4.5. encourages female students to find interests in STEM

1.5. Coding

1.5.1. used to introduce coding concepts to students

1.5.2. includes explanatory videos for teacher support

1.5.3. Scaffolded learning support

1.5.4. free code activites

1.5.5. engaging programming challenges

1.5.6. Blocking Coding

1.6. Professional Learning

1.6.1. offers teachers classes to enhance their effectiveness STEM Literacy Going Digital Teacher Leadership Leading Change Science Social Studies Math

1.6.2. Teacher Leader Collaborative: STEM Two year professional learning plan

2. Educator Resources

2.1. DEN Community

2.1.1. Discovery Education Network Community helps educators connect to other educators

2.1.2. DEN Member

2.1.3. DEN Star

2.1.4. DEN Leadership Council

2.2. Professional Learning

2.2.1. Offers comprehensive Training for specific resources Sessions focused on Critical topics in Education Continuity of Learning Equity STEM SEL Innovative Practices

2.3. Virtual Field Trips

2.3.1. Live and on-demand and no cost

2.3.2. companion guided

2.3.3. standards-aligned

2.3.4. hands-on learning activities

2.4. Events

2.4.1. On-demand resources for professional learning

2.4.2. in-person, virtual, and blended events

2.4.3. no cost for community members

2.5. Communication Resources

2.5.1. for District and School Leaders

2.5.2. Discovery Education resources, strategies, features, and professional learning opportunities

2.5.3. Featured Resources

2.5.4. Subject-specific content

2.5.5. Grade-specific content Elementary Secondary

2.5.6. Hot Topics

2.6. Insights

2.6.1. Editorial Collection

2.7. Help Center

2.7.1. search bar

2.7.2. Discovery Education

2.7.3. Integrations and Access

2.7.4. Contact Us information

2.7.5. Frequently Asked Questions

2.7.6. Updates and Announcements

3. Platform

3.1. Updates

3.1.1. Engage All Students Video Player can be assigned to individual students Teachers and students can share video with others Videos can be saved on Quicklist or My Content Interactive Quiz Ask Live Quiz Standard Quiz Video Quiz Differentiation and Accessibility Tools includes text-to-speech closed captioning native language translation differentiated reading levels Has access to Microsoft's Immersive Reader

3.1.2. Support All Educators Ready-to-Use Activities offers over 1500 activities SOS Instructional Strategies Design Activities and Present with Studio includes Activity Template design your own options

3.1.3. Access Your Digital World Log-In easier Uses QR Codes Integrations with embedded links to Canvas, Schoology, Brightspace, and Infinite Campus

3.2. Features

3.2.1. multiple ways to Log-In

3.2.2. Keyword search

3.2.3. Quicklist

3.2.4. My Content

3.2.5. Assign and Share Content with Students

3.2.6. Save Time with Ready-to- Use Activities

3.2.7. Check In with Students daily using quizzes

3.2.8. Create activities and present with Studio

3.2.9. Supports all Students with Literacy Tools

3.2.10. Grow Professionally

3.2.11. Curriculum Packs

3.3. Integrations

3.3.1. Four ways to access Direct log In Single Sign On LTI Authentication QR Code

3.3.2. Classroom Workflows Roostering Search and Embed Assessment Data Share and Assign

3.3.3. Integrates with Brightspace Canvas ClassLink Clever Google Google Classroom Infinite Campus Microsoft and Microsoft 365 Schoology

3.4. Curated Content

3.4.1. Dissent, Equity, and Inspiring Change

3.4.2. Viruses and Outbreaks

3.4.3. STEM Careers

3.4.4. English Language Learners Center

3.4.5. Virtual Field Trips

3.4.6. News and Current Events

3.4.7. African American Experiences

3.4.8. Conservation

3.4.9. Podcasts

4. Social Impact

4.1. Corporate Education Partnerships

4.1.1. Real world connections from trusted partners Science Fair Central 3M Young Scientist Lab LG CVS Dove Self-Esteem Project Jackson Charitable Foundation

4.2. STEM Careers Coalition

4.2.1. Students Encourage students to be problem solvers Truck Driver Equipment Operations Production Operators Maintenance Techician

4.2.2. Educators Support Classroom needs Classroom activities lesson plans

4.2.3. Employees help STEM employers with classroom activates for after school clubs, youth groups, school career fair

4.3. Social-Emotional Learning Coalition

4.3.1. 5 Pillars of Social-Emotional Learning Coalition Visible, National, Public-Private Partnership SEL in all Learning Environments Equity of Access Strategic Thought Leadership Commitment to Impact