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My expected profile by Mind Map: My expected profile

1. What a good teacher should have

1.1. Good attitude

1.1.1. A good teacher should know how to treat students and be respectful

1.2. Knowledge

1.2.1. This part is very important because with this element teachers will be able to share as much information as they can with students.

1.3. Team work skills

1.3.1. This is the part where a teacher demonstrate what is going to do with a big number of children in order to don't allow them getting out of the way.

1.4. Teaching skills

1.4.1. Every teacher should be prepared in this part so will be able to transmit every single knowledge he has. The class will be more enjoyable and kids will be very expectful on learning.

2. How a good teacher should be

2.1. Good Leader

2.1.1. A good teacher must develop this skill so would have more control of the class and will know how to guide students.

2.2. Creative

2.2.1. This skill helps alot so the class wont be boring and students will love the subjet.

2.3. ITC skills

2.3.1. This skill is very useful so nowadays teachers and students have to adequate to distance learning.

2.4. Values

2.4.1. Teachers should be very respectful with students so students will keep distance and the class will be more pleasant.

2.5. Patient and empatic

2.5.1. Teachers should develop this skill and be able to understand students, some of them could have a bad day or be stressed so in order to have a nice class put yourself on students shoes is a good idea too.