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1. Personality

1.1. Dedication

1.1.1. Teachers who are hardworking, and put in extra time to develop excellent lessons plans, or to provide additional support to students who need a helping hand are those who are more likely to shine, succeed and most importantly, enjoy their careers.

2. Skills

2.1. Communication

2.1.1. Teachers should ideally be good at physical, verbal and written communication.

2.2. Organization

2.2.1. To be effective, teachers must be able to manage their study materials and students' assignments well. A well-organized classroom is easier to manage.

2.3. Listening

2.3.1. Teachers should be able to listen to students and understand them.

2.4. Time management

2.4.1. Teaching is a job that extends outside the classroom. Teachers need evenings and weekends to plan lessons, grade papers and occasionally shop for classroom materials. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, you will need to develop good time management skills.

3. Knowledge

3.1. Teachers need lots of education and training in order to be successful in their careers.

3.2. Teachers need to be lifelong learners and to never stop learning.