THE DANDENONG RANGES Dandenong Ranges National Park (ideas for grade 3/4 Geography)

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THE DANDENONG RANGES Dandenong Ranges National Park (ideas for grade 3/4 Geography) by Mind Map: THE DANDENONG RANGES  Dandenong Ranges National Park (ideas for grade 3/4 Geography)

1. Excursion

1.1. Education program (file:///Users/jessicarule/Downloads/dandenong-ranges-national-park-education-program%20(1).pdf)

1.2. Park Explorers program:

1.3. 1000 Steps Walk

1.3.1. Ephemeral artworks: not removing any native flora from the park but rather making artworks/ sculptures/ patterns in the space and photographing these artworks?

1.3.2. Photography from the excursions and create paintings from the images. Could experiment with sustainable paints (making paints from crushed berries/ beetroot/ coffee/ tea/ spices (on home-made paper?)

2. Research project

2.1. Native species

2.1.1. Make artworks of native animals using collage/ rubbings?

2.1.2. Project about the Dandenong ranges before excursion- students already have an idea about what they are looking for so that the excursion might be more meaningful?

2.2. Natures Mascots

3. Collections

3.1. Weaving collected items: How to weave your walk with Blake Griffiths | #TogetherInArt Making

3.2. John Wolsely The Art of the Book #6 with John Wolseley – Kids' Home Publishing -story book creation idea- could make our own paper? More sustainable option? -Take paper to the Dandenong ranges to make rubbings (similar to what John Wolsely is doing in this video) to then collage with). -Story could be about something that students had learned on their excursion (protecting national parks/ wildlife)

3.2.1. How to make paper from recycled materials: How to Make Paper (out of recycled paper)

3.3. Collage: Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg -Students could make a collection from excursion and could create a collage/ book about the Dandenong ranges

3.4. A video of somebody reading the book we have created? Maybe record sounds of the Dandenong ranges?

3.4.1. Groupwork: -In groups of 2-3, each students is given a role/ responsibility (one student needs to collect the rubbings, one student the sound scapes, one person makes the paper / one person creates the storyboard/ takes notes about things they have learned on their excursion?

3.5. Pressing leaves/ flowers etc to collage

3.6. Bush Brushes/ monoprints created from collections? How to make bush brushes and monoprints with Judy Watson | #TogetherInArt Making

4. Traditional owners of the land: Kulin Nations

4.1. Indigenous sites and bush foods:

4.2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities