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RadsAtom - The core of profile management by Mind Map: RadsAtom - The core of profile management

1. Rewrite XML tag

1.1. Rewrite randomizer

1.1.1. Add capablitys for more then two profiles

1.1.2. Randomizing the index of the amount of profiles in the profile tag

1.1.3. Always a 1/X random ratio

1.2. Adding exitgame tag again

1.2.1. Adding parameters to TP to town before exiting.

1.3. Rewriting deathcount reset

1.3.1. Instead of simply relay on a int, use bool to clear the count True=While=0=If=False

2. Remake the settings to not use useless xaml

2.1. Write a new settings in WPF

2.2. Refile the design to blend in with RNR

2.3. Higher the value from 11 to 31

3. Remake the deathcounter to a more solid and simple handling

3.1. Work around DBs OnDeath event

3.1.1. Using OnPulse and check if player is dead

3.2. Double check with bot the plugins OnDeath even and DBs built in for a more stable count

3.2.1. Use both the true from PulseDeath and OnDeath to define death to the count list

4. Adding death statement XML tag

4.1. Set a force numbers of deaths thats allowed in the specific profile

4.2. Will be loaded as the first XML element in the Order of the profile

4.2.1. <DeathStatement action="leave/nextprofile" amount="X" profile="awesomeprofile.xml" />

4.3. Added for those special profiles you want to run with all your other profiles

5. Relogging capablitys

5.1. Using UIhash recognizers to know when you have been DCed and then relog for you

5.2. Bnet username and password will NOT be used from RNR since all personal info in RNR are encrypted

5.2.1. Will use setting in the setting tab to do this, will also add a option in RNR to do this setting for you if you please

6. Sync with WinAuth for log or relog with authenticator

6.1. WinAuth capablitys with RNR will allow you to login with authenticator by using Atom Aggregator

7. Atom Aggregator

7.1. A feed between RNR and Atom

7.1.1. Option nr1 Using SQL for fast preformence

7.1.2. Option nr2 Using Read and Write files for the feed

7.2. Possibly run on its own thread for best possible interaction between RNR and Atom

7.2.1. Looking into the capability that plugins can create and terminate multiple threads

7.3. If RNR are used most of the basic functions will be left to RNR to take care of for better preformence

7.3.1. Like... Deathcount Start profiles Relogging With and without WinAuth

8. Used XML tag

8.1. <Used id="X"> </Used>

8.2. Manage which part of the profile thats already run once!

9. Log XML tag

9.1. To post log from the profile