Output - Inflation

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Output - Inflation by Mind Map: Output - Inflation

1. Drivers

1.1. Impact

1.1.1. Response Imperatives

2. Imperatives

2.1. Failing to keep up with the demand

3. Impact

3.1. Stock shortage at retail shelves

3.2. Higher shipping & transportation cost

3.3. Dealing with labor shortage

3.4. Higher input cost (commodity prices, energy cost, transportation cost) putting pressure on manufacturing

3.5. Failing to keep up with the demands; unable to fulfill retailers demand. Led to low case fill rate

4. Response

4.1. Passing on higher prices to customers

4.2. Offering higher wages, better bonuses and benefits to attract workers

4.3. Rethinking to replenish stocks - offering less variety, carrying fewer flavors or sizes, selling different brands and gathering inventory whenever possible

4.4. Imposing penalty fees for late and incomplete orders

4.5. Companies competing for goods and shipping capacity to avoid empty shelves