Alliah's Career Path

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Alliah's Career Path by Mind Map: Alliah's Career Path

1. Education

1.1. Senior High School

1.1.1. STEM Strand Meet new friends STEM 11-O STEM 12-O Graduate Batch 2021-2022 Study and gain experience for 2 years Learn and prepare for college life Get high grades and apply for a scholarship in college

1.2. College

1.2.1. BS Nursing Apply for college admissions Silliman University University of St. La Salle De La Salle University University of the Philippines Diliman or UP Visayas Iloilo University of Santo Tomas Enroll to the chosen school Meet New People Study for 4 years Enjoy and Learn Internship/OJT Graduate in BS Nursing Prepare for a Licensure Examination

1.3. Occupation

1.3.1. Apply for Global Nursing Programs Find a Stable Job England Canada Korea

2. Interests

2.1. Apply for Med School

2.1.1. Study for 4 years Anesthesiologist Surgeon

2.2. Vlogger

2.2.1. Create a YouTube channel Lifestyle Aesthetic editing Study with me

2.3. Travel

2.3.1. Korea Busan Seoul Attend a BTS, TXT, Enhypen, etc. concerts Jeju

2.3.2. USA San Francisco Los Angeles New York Hawaii

2.3.3. Switzerland Geneva Interlaken

2.3.4. Greece Athens Thessaloniki

2.3.5. Australia Sydney Melbourne

2.3.6. Philippines Luzon Visayas Mindanao