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TATTERED BLANKET [Amma(mother)] by Mind Map: TATTERED BLANKET  [Amma(mother)]

1. Needs financial assistance

2. Came to see off amma and Kamala

3. His salary is very meager

4. Explained his financial condition

5. Son(Gopi)

5.1. Employee

5.2. Younger than Kamala

5.3. Lives in Delhi

5.4. Loves his family

5.5. Vimala(wife) and has two children

5.6. Used to write letters to Amma

5.7. But now stopped writing

5.7.1. To be frank he came to take his share of property

5.8. Because busy with office work

5.9. Got promotion recently

5.10. Tried to explain his financial situation in Delhi

6. Old and weak

7. Forgetful

8. Daughter (Kamala)

8.1. Widow

8.2. Elder than Gopi

8.3. Lives with Amma

8.4. Loves Amma

8.5. Takes care of Amma

8.6. Reads letters written by Gopi

8.7. Explained Amma's health condition

8.8. Surprised when listened Gopi came to take his share

9. Always sticks to armchair