yanzhi ao

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yanzhi ao by Mind Map: yanzhi ao

1. information

1.1. about me

1.1.1. education&experince high school university

1.1.2. major Computer Science Applied Mathematics

1.1.3. computer language Java C Python Javascript ruby OCaml

1.1.4. language English Manderin Cantanese Spanish

1.2. projects

1.2.1. A case study on Energy Crisis Texas 2021.

1.2.2. A simulation on Texas Holdem.

1.2.3. Maze project using Slovenia Algorithms.

1.2.4. A VPN client based on Open VPN using Shadowsocks connection via ssh authentication.

1.2.5. FUn

1.3. research

1.3.1. Machine learning

1.3.2. Data Extraction

1.3.3. System Architecture Parabolic actions Local rigidity Random walks on Homogeneous space

1.4. Preprint

1.4.1. Effective equidistribution for generalized higher step nilflows. preprint [pdf] Yanzhi Ao

1.4.2. Limit theorems for higher rank action on heisenberg nilmanifold. preprint [pdf] Yanzhi Ao

1.5. courses

1.5.1. Computer science Object-Oriented Programming I (CMSC 131) Object-Oriented Programming II (CMSC 132) Introduction to Computer Systems (CMSC 216) Discrete Structures (CMSC 250) Introduction to Data Science (CMSC 320) Organization of Programming Languages (CMSC 330) Algorithms (CMSC 351) Introduction to Front End Client Development using React (CMSC 388A) Organization of Programming Languages (CMSC 411) Computer Networks (CMSC 417) Introduction to Machine Learning (CMSC 422) Computer Vision (CMSC 426)

1.5.2. Math Calculus III (MATH 241) Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers (MATH 246) Introduction to Mathematical Proof (MATH 310) Applications of Linear Algebra (MATH 401) Advanced Calculus I (MATH 410) Computational Methods (AMSC 460)

2. page

2.1. home

2.2. contact

2.3. Project

2.4. Education

3. Floating Topic