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board game by Mind Map: board game

1. what should i research

1.1. popular board games

1.1.1. why are they popular

1.2. what type of board games are popular

1.2.1. why are they popular

2. what style can I use

2.1. world

2.2. modern

3. what am i being asked to do

3.1. To make a board game that involves learning and will increase the amount of people playing board games

4. material

4.1. wooden

4.2. Environmentally responsible

4.2.1. used recycled material

4.2.2. Used renewable energy used to make the board game

4.2.3. No batteries required

5. how?

5.1. dice

6. function

6.1. to get from on side of the board to the other first

6.1.1. Using 3 dice one with a - and + sign along and the other 2 have number and then you have to find the out the equation

7. who?

7.1. 6+