Criminal Case

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Criminal Case by Mind Map: Criminal Case

1. Arraignment

1.1. Appear before a judge for rights to be read, formally informed on which charges of possession of narcotics and possession to sale narcotics. Defendant is given the opportunity to retain a lawyer or have one appointed free of charge.

1.2. Probable cause/Preliminary hearings

1.2.1. Arrest from bust/buy was conducted without a warrant. A judicial officer must review police report to ensure officers had probable cause to contact individual after bust/buy.

1.2.2. Plea Bargaining offered to defendant because the government has a strong case against individual.

2. Plea result

2.1. Guilty: Defendant will move forward to a sentencing hearing.

2.2. No contest plea: Judge will address bail.

2.3. Bail hearing: The judge can deny bail due to publics safety or "own recognizance"

3. Pre-Trial Motions

3.1. Hearing of evidence presented by the defense and prosecutor to the individual to trial.

4. Early intervention: Drug Court for Individual after pre-trial release.

5. Plea Bargaining

5.1. Individual is offered a plea deal by the defense based on the evidence collected during the bust/buy, the narcotics found during the search incident to arrest, and statement from the detective.

6. Individual accepts a plea.

7. Individual is convicted of both possession of narcotics and possession for sales.