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Journalists by Mind Map: Journalists

1. Photo essays

1.1. Can use the photos form places they have been so write raw emotional stories

1.2. these are important to draw inspiration from. As the saying goes a picture is worth 1,000 words. therefore, they could use pictures in order to wrote better stories

1.2.1. Why Is Photojournalism Important | LoveToKnow

1.3. Again these encourage critical thinking as you can revisit the site you were at and see it through your eyes again

2. writing skills

2.1. Very important to write a strong article

3. discourse communities

4. song lyrics

4.1. If I'm being honest I think I will change this genre to journals

5. journals

5.1. very important to write small amounts daily in order to get a good idea of what to write about also writing a small amount everyday will mean that you information is fresh

5.2. I feel that this encourages more critical thinking as you will have a day by day account of lets say you are writing a piece on the hunger in the world then you will have your raw day by day experiences and thoughts.

5.3. There are no conventions for a journal. You would just write whatever you want


5.4.1. This talks about how it is important to gather your information to write better and you could use a journal to do this

6. conventions

6.1. The only conventions would just be that you have to write a morally right piece.

6.2. Also another one would be that you have to be truthful and honest or else what you wrote is worth nothing

6.2.1. I feel these are common as well why wouldn't you want to be as honest as possible when writing. There could be un foreseen repercussions of not being honest.