Film Reviews

Mind Mapping for English 101

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Film Reviews by Mind Map: Film Reviews

1. tailored to specific audience needs based on publication

1.1. geared toward a cinema loving and independent-minded audience who value critical analysis by highly educated and experienced individuals

1.1.1. These sources are saying that the audience is a unique, highly intelligent, well-informed audience who values the critical assessment of comedy films.

1.2. It's apparent that the writer's tailor their reviews to these audiences needs and views and what they expect to get out of a film review from these different platforms.

2. informative/conversational/informal

2.1. helps readers/audience to form a decisive opinion on whether they will watch a film.

2.1.1. helps readers/audience to keep informed on upcoming films.

2.2. reader/writer interaction is frequent.

3. easily accessible

4. title, image and/or film trailer, thoughtful critical assessment of a film

4.1. design and organization is consistent throughout all reviews

5. both the author and reader find value in knowledgable and informative critical assessment of films.

5.1. The values however are consistent across all sources in that they value the writer’s critical assessment of the success/failure or effectiveness/ineffectiveness of the film supported by the evidence the writer gathers from the film.

6. Film reviews are essential to this community as they are a tool for the audience to gauge whether or not they will see a film.