Pilot Perfection

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Pilot Perfection by Mind Map: Pilot Perfection

1. 3. Administrative Support with a basic knowledge of Shambhala database functions and other tools (eg mail merge, mass email with BCC)

1.1. Number of Skills/Tools used prior and level of familiarity with them

1.1.1. Informational Interview Ed Keiser

2. 4. Financially Healthy

2.1. Excess of revenue over expenses

2.1.1. Income Statement

2.2. Cash reserves equal to at least 3 months of operating expenses, excluding program expenses

2.2.1. Balance Sheet

2.3. Transfers to Shambhala of at least 4% of unrestricted donations and program revenue

2.3.1. Income Statement

3. 2. Community support for changes to membership/UGM

3.1. Feelings surrounding proposed process/management of UGM

3.1.1. Survey

3.1.2. Focus Group

3.1.3. Community Forum Blog Community meeting

3.1.4. Email Request for responses

3.2. Feelings surrounding proposed structure of UGM

3.2.1. Email Request for responses

3.2.2. Community Forum Blog Community meeting

3.2.3. Focus Group

3.2.4. Survey

3.3. Level of comfort/anxiety around change

3.3.1. Email Request for responses

3.3.2. Community Forum Blog Community meeting

3.3.3. Focus Group

3.3.4. Survey

4. 1. Community Support

4.1. Support of Shambhala

4.1.1. Survey

4.1.2. Focus Group

4.1.3. Community Forum Blog Community meeting

4.1.4. Email Request for responses

4.2. Leadership

4.3. Community Cohesion

4.4. Support of new people

4.5. People who consider themselves community members

4.5.1. survey

5. 5Centers leadership support of UGM

5.1. Support of Shambhala

5.1.1. Survey

5.1.2. Focus Group

5.1.3. Community Forum Blog Community meeting

5.1.4. Email Request for responses

5.1.5. People who consider themselves community members survey

5.2. Leadership Cohesion

6. 7. Size/Location

6.1. Financially (not too big to fail)

6.1.1. Ask Connie

6.2. How many/what classes offered

6.2.1. Usual class size

6.2.2. Diversity and range of coarses

6.3. FACTOR: Geographic Location

6.3.1. Mix of Canada and US in pool of pilot sites

6.4. Membership pool

6.4.1. Demographics (% people w. disposable income/time)

7. 8. Clear governance structure in place (Center Council, clear job descriptions for volunteer/staff, generally organized)

7.1. Formal decision making procedures in place

7.1.1. Informational Interviews

7.1.2. Survey

7.1.3. Focus Group

7.2. Functioning conflict resolution mechanisms in place

7.2.1. Informational Interviews

7.2.2. Survey

7.2.3. Focus Group

7.3. History of cleanly beginning and ending role terms with training for predecessor

7.3.1. Informational Interviews

8. 6. Local talent/ local people with useful skills

8.1. Finance (has accurate knowledge center status and can track/provide information to track)

8.1.1. Number of Skills/Tools used prior and level of familiarity with them Informational Interviews

8.2. Person who can convey details of project clearly and precisely

8.2.1. Informational Interviews

8.3. Public Speaking

8.3.1. Informational Interviews

9. 9. Idea of membership has been established but not fully developed.

9.1. Level of energy and interest in membership

9.1.1. Survey

9.1.2. Focus Group

9.2. History of fundraising and membership

9.2.1. Informational Interviews

10. Criteria - measurable

10.1. Tool