Fairness and Rules

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Fairness and Rules by Mind Map: Fairness and Rules

1. What is fairness?

1.1. Sharing

1.2. Equal for everyone

1.3. Balanced sides

1.4. Getting treated the same way as others

2. How do we make things fair?

2.1. Everyone gets the same thing/amount

2.2. Let everyone play in the game

2.3. Follow the rules

2.4. Take turns

2.5. Respect other peoples things

2.6. Share with your friends

2.7. linked with need

3. How and why do people make rules?

3.1. If there were no rules we wouldn't know what to do

3.2. Rules are so that all people can be fair and have a fair game

3.3. Rules are so that everyone does the right thing and can have fun

3.4. Rules are made to make things fair

3.4.1. This is to keep things balanced for everyone

3.5. They usually set up a set of things that your not supposed to do

3.6. People make rules so our world isn't so dangerous

4. Why are rules important for fairness

4.1. So we can do the right thing

4.2. Not fair rules = Not fair game

4.3. If there are no rules there will be chaos

4.4. People fight and get upset if there are no rules or the rules are broken

4.5. If everyone is cheating the game gets boring/unfair

5. What makes a good rule? What makes a bad rule?

5.1. Good rules

5.1.1. Good rules make happiness and laughter

5.1.2. A good rule is a fair rule

5.1.3. A good rule and a fair rule makes everyone enjoy what they are doing

5.2. Bad Rules

5.2.1. Bad rules make sadness and fighting

5.2.2. A bad rule is an unfair rule

6. What are consequences? What consequences do you know that affect you?

6.1. consequences are punishments for doing stuff your not meant to

6.2. told off / yelled at

6.3. detention

6.4. name down on the chart

6.5. thinking form

6.6. sent to your room

6.7. grounded

6.8. to be banned from something

6.9. if you do something bad you will suffer the consequences

6.10. smacked

7. Who makes the rules? Why is it different people in different places?

7.1. because their are different people in different places

7.2. people have different ideas

7.3. the government

7.4. teachers

7.5. people who brought a ball to school for handball

7.6. the person who made the game up

8. What gives people the power to make rules?

8.1. The person who made up the game can make the rules

8.2. teachers have the power/authority because of their jobs

8.3. Police have the power/authority because of their jobs

8.4. The government was voted in so they have the power to make rules

9. What makes a rule fair? What makes a rule unfair?

9.1. Fair

9.1.1. agreement

9.1.2. take turns

9.1.3. sharing

9.1.4. positive

9.1.5. treat others the way you want to be treated

9.2. Unfair

9.2.1. takeover

9.2.2. unequal

9.2.3. being a bully

9.2.4. not sharing

9.2.5. hurts peoples feelings