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Numbers by Mind Map: Numbers

1. Age

1.1. How old are you?

1.1.1. I am twelve years old.

1.2. How old is your sister/ brother?

1.2.1. He / she is ... years old.

1.3. When is your birthday?

1.3.1. My birthday is on ...

2. Lucky number

2.1. What's your favourite number?

2.1.1. My favourite number is...

3. Address

3.1. What's your address?

3.1.1. My address is ....

4. Phone number

4.1. What's your phone number?

4.1.1. My phone number is...

5. How many...?

5.1. How many brothers or sisters have you got?

5.1.1. I have got... brother(s).

5.1.2. I have got ... sister(s)

5.1.3. I have got no brother and no sister. I am an only child.

5.1.4. I have got a twin sister / brother.

5.1.5. I have got one stepsister / stepbrother.

5.2. How many pupils are there in your class?

5.2.1. There are .... pupils in my class.

5.3. How many languages do you speak?

5.3.1. I speak ... language(s).