Stetler Model

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Stetler Model by Mind Map: Stetler Model

1. Preparation-Improving Hypertension outcomes for African Americans.

1.1. 75.5% of Black men and 75.7% of Black women developed hypertension by the age of 55 years.

2. Validation-African Americans have greater incident of cardiac events from not being well managed with their hypertension.

2.1. More than 40% of African Americans develop HTN at a younger age and usually more severe than other ethnicities. Its imperative we target this population to obtain better cardiac health.

3. Comparative evaluation/decision making-problem African Americans in low-income areas with prehypertension/hypertension are lacking in support to be successful in treatment.

3.1. Many of the barriers are medical mistrust, polypharmacy, lack of assess to a provider in their neighborhood.

4. Translation/Application-Cultural awareness, Million Hearts Initiative measures, new education on HTN medications.

4.1. providers and patients establishing trusting relationship by understanding ones culture, showing more empathy. Providing the health clinic with informative information from the Million Hearts initiative to bring to patients, Support in medication management, teach back methods help retain information, colorful personalized pamphlets with their individual information.

5. Evaluation-after a few months of implementation we can evaluate our success...

5.1. Keeping individualized data on our patients to see if our new methods have met our goal, of better blood pressure control.